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What is Angular JS?

AngularJS is popular open-source, front-end complete JavaScript framework which was initially designed to build dynamic web applications. It was developed by Google employee Miško Hevery. He started working on Angular JS in 2009 with an initial release in October 20, 2010. This idea turned out well and was later supported & maintained by Google. Last stable release was in March 11 2019. 

History of Angular versions releases:

Version 1.0 – Angular JS – released in 2010 by Google

Version 2.0 – September 2016

Version 4.0 – March 2017

Version 5.0 – November 2017

Angular comes to second position after Node.js as per the 2018 Stack Overflow Survey. So, why Angular JS has become one of the best frameworks used till date? Too good to be true huh? Here are some reasons:

Technical Benefits

  1. It is open source and free to use.
  2. It extends HTML attributes with Directives enhancing functionalities. It can also build our custom directives as per need.
  3. It gives flexibility for developers to follow MVC pattern while writing their JavaScript code. So, developers can build SPA (Single Page Applications) in more structured and maintainable way. It can also be used in other web application technologies.
  4. Applications built with Angular JS are cross-browser compatible.
  5. It uses dependency injection following SOC principle (Separation of Concerns).
  6. We can perform unit testing with code written in AngularJS.
  7. It supports two-way data binding saving lines of client-side code.
  8. It has easy to use filters support.

Support Benefits

  1. AngularJS has detailed documentation( and tutorial( to get started with.
  2. We can get plenty of support from JavaScript community in case we need to tackle any issues.  Since, it is open-source, interested ones can even contribute to it.
  3. Google has plans to support Angular on long term

Note: One drawback of using client-side AngularJS is that, if the client browser has JavaScript disabled, nothing would be visible.

Is AngularJS good for all types of applications?

AngularJS could be a really good choice for applications such as Travel apps, Video Streaming apps, eCommerce and social apps.

However, if you want to develop large scale complex applications like Game apps or analytics apps then you better check alternatives such as React (

Bottom-line, AngularJS helps developers become more productive in less time, increasing the flexibility and customization. If you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics, you will learn quickly. Even if you are new to these web technologies, AngularJS is quite east to get around following some quick tutorials and coding. So, start learning AngularJS if it sounds interesting and worthwhile. Keep learning 😊